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Southampton, New York

A Southampton client was starting a family and needed a budget-oriented plan to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy so they could rent their home.
The property was over cleared when they purchased it.
They provided us with a survey and requests to:
• Avoid toxic plants
• Add privacy screening in certain areas.
Different areas of the property (front yard vs. back and pool area) required different treatment and plantings to meet town requirements and avoid deer threats.

Hamptons Superior Revegetation designed a sketch the client approved which was submitted to the town that met everyone's needs and was ultimately unanimously approved.

A few small plants had to be removed and the client did that themselves.
At $3 per square foot, and it surely increased the property value by more that that.

We do not use cookie-cutter native plants and every garden is unique.

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Town Permits
Swimming Pool Concerns
Deer Resistance
Shade Tolerance
Non-toxic plantings

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