East Hampton, New York

Case study: A luxury home in East Hampton had just gone under contract. The purchaser's attorney had a survey done that showed a very large over clearance issue and the seller had only 6 weeks to resolve it.

Hamptons Superior Revegetation (HSR) devised a plan that would protect the existing open street scene and fit in a natural revegetation area that would meet the needs of the luxury buyer. The seller wanted his gardener to do the planting and HSR did the coordination, paperwork and design. We have a Hamptons land-use attorney in our network who was able to convince the client to trust as and not waste time and money fighting the town.

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East Hampton, New York
Case Study: South of the highway beach restoration:
HSR added a unique blend of flowering shrubs and native grasses. The project was completed in two weeks to beat the dry summer weather.

Northwest Woods reforestation currently in progress

Our client's privacy is also always paramount. But you can see us in action on our Instagram.

We also do exquisite ornamental plantings but revegetation is our passion due to its challenges.

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